Monday, April 25, 2011

A full and fun weekend!

This weekend was busy busy busy! First I worked hard making some personalized easter baskets for some friends. Each one got better and better, and I hope to sell them next year--I think they are pretty cute

Then, I stayed in the "sewing mood" and decided to make a dress for our friends 1 year birthday party...Its a pillowcase dress, complete with matching ribbons and monogram...I think it turned out pretty cute. Maybe I can sell these someday too.

Since I spent so much time sewing this weekend, I also took some time to organize my sewing room....I got a handy little rack for all my thread, and it made me super happy to put it up!!! (I know, its the little things in life!)

I have a bunch of spools of thread that I inherited from my grandmother, who was an avid seamstress. Trev and I noticed that some of her spools had prices on them....this one was 10 cents! How crazy! I wish it still only costs 10 cents for a spool....oh how times have changed! :)

We also decided to start painting the new and much improved front porch. My awesome in laws came over and we had a painting party! With all of us there it only took a couple of hours, which is pretty impressive considering all those spindles we had to paint! Thanks again fam for helping me out! Tim and Uncle Mark also finished the rails, which means that all it's lacking is one more coat of paint before its finished!!! It looks SOOOOOO much better, and I am so impressed with my father in laws abilities!

Of course we had to have some "play time" too :)

Then, our most important day of the weekend was Easter Sunday...we went to church and listened to an awesome sermon on the power of the resurrection! Then, we celebrated with family at my mom's house for lunch followed by a 2nd lunch at Trev's parents house :) Needless to say we were stuffed, but it was well worth it. All the kiddos had a great time hunting easter eggs and hitting the pinata!

One of the "money egg's" hidden by me!!!

One of the kids found a golf ball in the bushes :)

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Banquet and Porch Renovation

This past weekend we went to Lighthouses junior/senior banquet. Trev is one of the junior class sponsors, which meant that he was in charge of helping organize and set everything up for banquet. It was alot like prom....except no dancing of course :( It was at Old Hickory Country Club, and turned out really nice. The meal was good, and the entertainment (Mr. Keenan Hunter) was the best part. All the kids looked nice too! After banquet was over, we headed to our favorite place...Rita's of course!!!

The best DIL and MIL ever!

K-man jammin'!

Court being the paparazzi :)

King and Queen of Banquet


Me and my love!

Trev and Timmy being silly :)

The next day, Tim came over to help us re-do our porch. Ever since we bought our house, the front porch has been falling apart, but we hadnt had the time or money to fix it until now. My awesome father in law agreed to build it for us. I told him what I wanted and he has turned the plan into a reality! He is pretty awesome! I am so excited to have a new front porch and can't wait until its completely finished!

My beautiful purple salvia!

Before pic of the porch...noted all the spindles that are missing on the handrail. Its hard to see just how rotted and messed up it was, but trust me--it was bad!


The new wood, ready to be cut and built into a porch!

Timmy Lee sawing....every time he started the saw I got nervous that he would cut his fingers off...luckily, he went home with all 10!

The end of day 1 (I forgot to take a pic of the end of day 2 so the next pic skips ahead a bit)

The end of day 3....its looking so good! I really love the squared look of the big poles instead of the 90's looking round ones :) All that's lacking are the rails and a few coats of paint! I will post an after pic once we are all done!