Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Adoption is a waiting game...

Well its been quite a while since my last post, and I wish I had some exciting news but unfortunately I don't.  We were placed on the official waiting list right at the beginning of the year so now we are just waiting and hoping and wishing and praying :)  This phase of the adoption is definitely the hardest part--there is not a whole lot to do.  We have done our paperwork, and fundraised {most} of the money, and even started setting up the baby's room a little. 

Now, we just have to wait. 

I knew this would be the case when we started this process, but I must say its really hard to wait!  The hardest part is when people ask us {excitedly} if we have heard any news, and we say no.
I feel like I am disappointing people every time I have to say that we still don't know when we might be chosen.  That being said, the Lord is still showing himself to us through this process.  He alone is the one sustaining us during this time of waiting and silence.  We 100% know that this was His calling for us in the beginning, and we know that He will sustain us throughout the process.  We are so lucky to be supported by so many friends and family.  This baby is definitely going to be loved (and lets admit it, probably spoiled) by so many people! 

We have been trying to keep busy in other aspects of our lives so the waiting doesn't seem so long.  We have started working on the nursery a little--we painted, ordered a crib, and I have been (slowly) making the bedding.  It's nice for me to have projects to do along the way so that I can keep my hands busy!  Life tends to be busy now in general since its springtime.  There are lots of trips, sporting events, time with friends, graduations, weddings, etc to attend so its nice to have some distractions! We are continuing to rest in the Lord and are hopeful that our time is coming soon!

Thanks for all your prayers and support! Here are some pics since no post is complete without a few!

 I have started working on the nursery a bit...some curtains I made :)

 We painted the room that will be the nursery

A chair I found at a consignment shop....dont worry I am going to recover it!

We have a crib--its just still in the box!
Just hanging out! 

 Thanks again for reading!  We love you all!

Ashley and Trevor

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