Monday, November 7, 2011

Fall Fun!

This is a random post but I figured I would share anyways :)

I love fall!  One of my favorite things about fall is the tree that stands in front of our house...I hate to brag, but it is pretty much the most gorgeous tree in the neighborhood!  The other day I walked out on my way to work and the sun was shining through the tree so perfectly and all the colors were so beautiful!  I took a few pics (although they dont do it justice) but I thought I would try and capture the moment.

Earlier this week, we put Vandy outside and then heard him barking like crazy--and this is rather odd because he is not a barker.  So we let him back in but eventually he kept nudging the door so much that we put him back out and he started doing in again.  I went to the door and tried to get him in but he was frozen in the middle of the yard.  Finally I looked up and saw a POSSUM standing on the fence.  After freaking out a bit and getting Vandy back in I, of course, had to get a picture.  Here he is...the creepy possum.  Just as I went to snap the picture, he slowly turned his head towards me and looked at me....ugh, so CREEPY!

Friday night we participated in "Secret Church," which is something put on by the church I used to go to in Birmingham--The Church at Brook Hills.  It is a 6 hour, intense bible study that started a few years ago to represent all the nations that have to actually meet in secret in order to study and worship.  It makes me so thankful to live in a country where I can worship freely and shout out loud that "I love Jesus!"  Since the first secret church a few years ago, they have started doing them every 6 months or so.  This years topic was "Family, Marriage, Sex, and the Gospel" and boy was it PACKED with good stuff.  David Platt spoke on everything from marriage, singleness, parenting, divorce, homosexuality, polygamy, and yes, even sex.  It was so good and I am excited to dive back in all the notes we have and dig a little deeper--the study guide was 161 pages--we made it through (most) of it and it took about 6.5 hours.  Good thing David is a fast talker or it would have taken 10!  Here are some pics from the night...
 All the study guides waiting to be opened

 Victoria snacking on a cucumber :)

 A view of the "thick" study guide

The whole group--cant wait to participate again next time!