Sunday, July 12, 2009

Sounds Game

We got to go to the Sounds game last night....which was lots of fun! Well actually the game was kind of dull, but the people watching, concession stand food, and fireworks were a blast!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

July 4th Extravaganza

For July 4th we went with a few friends of ours to another friends house for swimming, cookout, and fireworks.  We were lucky because it rained (and I mean downpoured) before and after fireworks.  We had a great time!  It was so nice to just relax and fellowship with our friends....and eat some awesome burgers!!  YUM

Titus playing in the pool

After swimming

Trev teaching the little ones about basketball while we were waiting for the food to be ready

The grillmaster himself...Frank
This pic says it all....Beth is "one bad mother"  Haha--just kidding--Beth is one of the best mommies I know!  :)

Yay Fireworks!!!  

Sweet baby Jude--what a smile!
We had a great fourth and we are so thankful to celebrate living in a FREE country!

Clumsy me

So, I am pretty clumsy--I am always finding random bruises all over me from running into things.  One time I even sprained my ankle while just walking.  Earlier this week, I was reminded of my clumsiness yet again.....I broke my toe--by running into the coffee table  I thought everyone might get a good kick out of that :)

My poor purple toe :(

Oh Laundry

So last week I decided to catch up on all my laundry and when all was said and done...this is what my clean clothes looked like.

Yes yes I know--this is out of control!  BUT....that is why I am doing this posting.  I am vowing before all the people who follow my blog (which I realize is not many) that I am going to do better.  No more couches FULL of laundry! :)