Friday, January 21, 2011

Girls Night Out!!!

Tonight, since Timmy Lee and Debbie Long Legs went out of town and left Court and Pamela all alone....we decided to have a GIRLS NIGHT!!! We decided to head to a local "paint your own pottery" store, where you pick out a pre-made piece of pottery and paint away! Then they fire it and you pick it up a week later for a perfect, handmade piece! :)

Courtney picked out a coffee mug and Pamela picked out a desk jar--to hold your pens in

I picked a plate to decorate

Court trying to decide what color to paint her mug

Pamela hard at work

Time for a break...and an old fashioned coca cola!

Painting away!

Pamela's finished piece!! So cute-she is a creative and artsy gal!

Court concentrating hard so she can finish her piece!

All done!

My piece

Sisters :) (Note, the colors of our pieces are not quite the same as what they will look like after they are fired....I will have to post an after pic!!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Christmas Fun 2010

WARNING.....this post contains ALOT of pics, and is very read at your own risk! :)

This Christmas was a great was really nice getting to spend some time together with both of us having a break from school. We had fun carrying on some old traditions as well as establishing some new ones. Mostly, we were thankful for the true reason for the season...the birth of Jesus, who was essentially born to die so that we might live. We also enjoyed all the festivities such as decorating the tree, wrapping and giving presents, and making holiday treats. One of our Christmas presents was a Nikon D-50 camera (that my friend Beth gave us a SUPER great deal on) so we had lots of fun taking pics! Here are some of them....

One of my favorite ornaments on our "traditional" tree

The presents under the tree

An ornament on my black and white tree :)

One of our new traditions this year was to bake Christmas goodies. We kind of decided to do this on a whim, but it turned out to be lots of fun and we made a TON of cookies! My favorite were the sugar cookies, and Trev's favorite are the raspberry thumbprints! :)

Working with the got used alot this year

The puppy waiting and hoping for a dropped piece of cookie :)

Trev making his favorite thumbprint cookies

Yummy raspberry filling

First batch to go into the oven

We made the dough for sugar cookies, and we werent sure whether or not to let the dough rest in the fridge, so we looked up some other recipes to see, and we agreed that it should sit in the fridge for an hour. After we took it out we realized that was a terrible idea....the dough was rock hard and had to be thrown away :( Luckily, it was easy to make so we just started over!

The botched batch of dough

About half of the cookies we made...undecorated of course

Decorating gingerbread men :)

Trev's favorite tighty whiteys :)

Decorating sugar cookies...these were my favorite to do!

Cookies ready to take to Christmas Eve celebration

The finished product of hours of hard work...a tray for Christmas Eve and goody bags for all the family!

We spent Christmas Eve this year at my mom's family celebration. It was lots of fun and there was lots of excitement with all the kiddos there!

Trev and Hudson, my cousin Keri's oldest

The pretty table setting

Harrison....what a cutie!!!

Delaney cooking Keneteliki (sp?) a traditional Czechoslovakian Christmas dish

Family pic

The kiddos opening their presents

We celebrated Christmas morning in several different places...first we did our gifts to each other at home by ourselves. Then we went to my moms and did gifts with her and my brother. Then we went to my Aunts for Christmas breakfast. We ended the day at Trevors parents house for Christmas dinner and gifts! It was a busy but super fun day!

Christmas morning pic....we look so goofy cause we were trying to keep the puppy out of the picture!

Trev got me a vera bradley purse and wallet, boots, titans shirt, candle, DVD, and some running fun!

I got him a watch, new school bag, several movies, some dress pants and some workout pants

First "white" Christmas in TN in a really long time!!!!

Another one of our traditions...making cinnamon rolls. This recipe was from the pioneer woman and it was super delicious!!!

D with his stocking at my moms house

It seems kind of vain, but I gave my mom a pic of me in my wedding dress....but dont worry she loved it!

I have been dabbling in sewing so I made my mom a Christmas apron :)

Much to my surprise, my mom got me a Kitchenaid mixer for Christmas. I have ALWAYS wanted one, but since they are so expensive I have never gotten one. Apparently she got a super good deal on it, so this year I finally got it!!! I was totally surprised!!! YAY!

Harry helping me make the glaze for the cinnamon rolls....what a good helper!

Trev and Kristi working hard on her new Garmin watch

The boys both got whoopie cushion's and they sure did love them!

Delaney and I playing Dance party on the Gill's new X-box was super fun and of course.......

I WON! :)

Mom playing Kinect

Stocking at the Castles house

Finally, a new game for our Wii! :) Donkey Kong!

The girls modeling the aprons I made them!!!

Timmy Lee and his stylin' sweater vest!

Pamela cup stacking with her new cups

Another new tradition for the Castle family is the addition of sticky rice to most big meals. Here, Pamela is tossing the rice in a big straw hat looking thing!

The last event of the season was a girls party with some friends from college. Since almost everyone has babies we did it at my friend Shana's house so all the kids could play. We had fun catching up and the kids had fun meeting their new friends! :)

My sweet boy Callum and I

Elisabeth and Ashley

All the girls and their offspring :)

So, there you have it....a long Christmas was a great time of celebration, and I am sure that before I know it, it will be here again next year!