Sunday, May 30, 2010

May Musings

Wow! May has been a really busy month--and I have not blogged at I thought I would do a mass blog for the month of May! The first eventful thing that happened was the flood. It was absolutely crazy to see the power of water, and how it destroyed anything and everything in its path. The Saturday of the flood I was working at Vanderbilt, and learned that there was some flooding on the interstates. After an exhausting day and staying late waiting for all of night shift to get there I finally got to go home. Of course I couldnt go I-24 because it was flooded, so I had to take I-40 to 840 to 24. Then I realized that my exit was blocked due to flooding so I had to go down to Sam Ridley. I got almost home on Old Nashville Highway and then ran into more flooding and road closures. It was so frustrating to be so close to home and not able to get there. I finally found a path, but it took me about an hour and a half to go home that night. Here are some pics from the weekend of the flood...

This is Deb and Tim's backyard--it was crazy!

On the way to Tim and Debs house

About 3 houses down from us--we were so fortunate that our house didnt suffer any damage.

Our neighbor taking his canoe out!

It was such a day of tragedy and heartache....but amidst all the rain, my peony bloomed for the very first time. It was a nice reminder that even in tragedy and pain, there is still beauty to be seen!

The weekend after the flood I went to Chicago to visit my friend Shana and meet her new baby boy Callum. It was so nice to see them ! I got to go to Callum's dedication, and I felt so honored to be a part of it. They also asked me to commit to praying for baby Callum for a year--which of course I said yes to! Hopefully they will be moving to Nashville in the summer and I will get to see them more often!
Me, Shana, and Callum at his dedication!

Shana and I enjoying a nice lunch!

On Sunday we strolled around their neighborhood, and I got to hold Callum in the baby Bjorn! It was so fun....he LOVED it! I will definitely be getting one of those when we have a baby!

The day after I got home from Chicago was my birthday! 26 years I am getting old! We celebrated with our families by going out to dinner at Newks and eating delicious Homestyle cupcakes!
Me and my honey on my b-day!

Happy Birthday to me!

We have discovered that we have a 4th member of the family....a bunny! A while back Vandy killed a bunny in the backyard, and a little while later I spotted another one (alive this time) Since then I see him every so often in the backyard or the garden. He is pretty cute...however he keeps eating my flowers....grrrr!

The bunny hiding in the garden.

In May we also celebrated our 2 year anniversary! It is crazy to believe that it has already been 2 years, but at the same time I can't remember my life without being married. To celebrate we took a weekend trip to Birmingham (we spent a LOT of time there while we were dating) We went to some of our favorite places and it was really nice to get away!

Eating a lemon square at Edgar's....oh my goodness they are the BEST!!!

Before dinner

My FAVORITE restaurant....Cocina Superior! YUM! Its a modern twist on mexican food and it is delicious!

Happy Anniversary! I cant wait to spend many more years together!

Well, that pretty much wraps up May! I am out of school for the summer (work school that is) so I plan on relaxing some and doing some things around the house (I will be working prn at Vandy some) I will also be taking a class for school. Trev is almost out of school too (2 days left) and hopefully he will be working at least part time this summer too! We are excited to have some time to hang out, relax, and rejuvenate! :) I guess that's all for now....till June! :)