Sunday, December 27, 2009

2nd Annual Girls Christmas Party

Today we had our 2nd annual girls christmas party at Shauna's house. Last year was the 1st one and since it was so successful we decided to do it again! This year we decided to have it at Shauna's house instead of at a restaurant. It was nice because it gave us a chance to hang out while cooking and take our time hanging out! I hope this is a tradition that we can continue for many years to come!

Me, Steph, and Elisabeth

Becca and Ashley

Shauna and Britney

Me and sweet Kennedi. At the party last year Shauna announced that she was pregnant! Crazy how quickly time flies...Kennedi is already 5 months now and so cute!

The whole gang showing off our ornaments! Cant wait till next year!

My Christmas festivities are officially over for this year. Sad day--I guess I should start taking my decorations down :(

Friday, December 25, 2009


Christmas was great this year! It was mine and Trevor's 2nd Christmas as a married couple, and we got to continue some of the traditions that we started for our family last year...kind of. We actually decided to change one of them. Instead of doing opening Christmas PJ's on Christmas Eve we changed it to opening a book instead. Since Trev is not really a fan of crazy PJ pants and since we both love to read, we thought this could be something fun that we can do, especially when we have kids. We also tried to make cinnamon rolls like last year...but for some reason, my dough didnt rise, so that was scrapped. (Bad yeast maybe?) It was a great Christmas, and we are truly thankful for the birth of Christ!

Vandy and his GINORMOUS bone! He chewed on it forever...and would probably chew on it continually if we would let him.

Showing off my stocking goodies :)

Trev and his presents...isnt the wrapping fantastic ;)

A Christmas pic in front of our tree (well one of them anyways)

After Trevor and I do our Christmas, mom and Delaney come over and do Christmas with us. Then we head to my mom's side of the family for Christmas breakfast. This year was at my cousin Kari's. Here is a pic of me and her oldest boy Hudson.

After we do Christmas with my side of the family we head to the Castles for Christmas lunch/dinner. It was delicious! The best part was that Trevor's parents TOTALLY surprised us with a Wii! Trev has been wanting one for a long time and I was going to get him one for his B-day but they beat me to it...and completely surprised both of us! Not only were his parents involved, but Courtney, Keenan, and my mom were in on it as well. Court got us Wii Sports Resort (which is AWESOME), Keenan got us a Wii motion controller, and mom got us Wii Fit! Needless to say, there will be lots of fun times to come. Here is a pic of Trev playing once we got home...

Me playing basketball--3 pt shot competition (believe it or not, as of right now I hold the record :) but I am sure Trev will change that soon!)

Our Mii's getting ready to face off playing ping pong!

Our game faces...kind of! :) Thanks Castle fam for such a great gift!
I can't believe that Christmas is always seems to sneak up on me now that I am getting older. It was a great one!!!

Vandy Girls Christmas Party

Last Sunday, a bunch of girls that I work with at Vandy had a girls Christmas party. This is the second year that I have gotten to attend, and it was a blast once again! We each bring something to eat and a gift, and then we exchange gifts "dirty santa" style! It can really get crazy when there are several people that are after one gift! This year I got a bath and body gift set from Philosophy. It is really cute and the products smell good enough to eat! I can't wait until next year!

Two of my favorites! :) Jess, Missy, and I

The whole group!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Visit from the Sowards

Last weekend my older brother came down for the weekend with his family. It was really great to get to see them because we dont get to very often. His boys are 10 and 7, and we had a great time eating, playing games, and watching movies! Hopefully we can plan another get together sooner rather than later. Here are some pics from our visit...

Hubble (my brother) and his wife Joy :)

All the Sowards boys...Conner, Hubble, Dad, Delaney, and Brady

Dad and his kiddos

Conner loved playing with Vandy. They played tug of war for the longest time!