Friday, April 30, 2010

Goodbye 10 Pounds!

Me and my sister in law Courtney decided about 7 weeks ago that we both needed some motivation to lose some weight. So, we challenged each other to each lose 10 pounds by April 30. If we both met the goal (and yes, we both had to meet the goal in order to get the prize) then we got to get massages. It was REALLY hard at first, but it definitely got easier as the weeks went by. Our plan was to simply count calories and work out.....and it worked! By the end of 7 weeks I have lost 10 pounds and Court has lost 13! GO US! Here is a pic of us on our "goal day"

We are definitely planning on staying on track (although I must say for myself that I have taken a little sabbatical from working out this week) and staying healthy! Now its time for massages.....ahhhhhh! :)

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Fun Weekend!

This weekend was a really busy one...but it was also lots of fun! Friday night we went to see Courtney's boyfriend Keenan in his deubt performance! He is a songwriter/musician, and he was recently signed with Trevecca's student music label--Friday night was their first show. He did a GREAT job, and we were totally impressed! It was cool to see him in his element!

Me, Trev, Tim, and Deb at Keenan's concert

Keenan jammin'--he's got his "stank face" on :)

After the concert we went to this new restaurant called Taco Mamacita's in Edgehill Village. It was really yummy, but super packed! We luckily got a table alot quicker than we expected (we think they made a mistake but we enjoyed the fast table) We will definitely have to go back sometime and eat again!

Saturday we went to see my cousin's oldest child Hudson play in his soccer game. He is 4 and was so cute chasing after the ball. Most of them are a little too young to really understand the game, but it was fun to see him try!
Hudson on the field

Hudson after his game

Sunday me and my friend Becca hosted a baby shower for our friend Beth! It was lots of fun, and
nice to just get to hang out with the girls! Beth is having a girl so we all got to ooh and ahhh over all of the cute baby girl stuff that she got! So fun!

The spread! :) YUM!

Becca, Beth, and me @ the shower

Thats about more weekend down means one closer to the end of the school year...YAY!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Bathroom Makeover

About a month ago, I got the wild idea to re-do our master bathroom. It was pretty drab before...white walls, brown accents, and an ugly countertop. So, I decided to paint it brown, add a little color (tealish blue), re-do the countertop, and add decorative mirrors. I re-did the countertops using a fun (yet messy) technique that my friend Beth taught gives you a higher end look without the high end price! Here are some pics for the transformation...

Before...plain brown shower curtain

After...nice decorative blue shower curtain against contrasting brown walls!

Before...ugly gray laminate countertops and standard mirror

After...tan with brown flecks counter and seperate decorative mirrors (hard to tell that the counters are much different in the first picture...but keep scrolling!) boring :( nice!! :)
Overall, the total bathroom transformation breaks down as follows...
Paint (for walls and counter) $25
Shower Curtain $20
Laquer for counter $30
Two new mirrors $30
Other decorative accessories $25

Not bad when you consider that most bathroom remodels are thousands of dollars!!! We still have some work to the light and faucet fixtures and floor, but for now its a good start!